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The art of watching football is serious business, girls.Here are their tips for appropriate behavior on Game Day:"A jersey isn't necessary unless you are a true fan.If you grew up in Philly but you are rooting for the Cowboys because I like them, I'll think you're not really interested in football and/or you're a traitor to your city." —Pete"Before you show up, you should know who is playing, who are the quarterbacks for each team, what each team's record is (or just generally if they are good or bad this year), and if there are any big news stories involving players from either team. So why is there so much confusion and miscommunication between the sexes? Some have been handed down through the generations. And, of course, there are the ones written from our personal history. You’re not very fun or pretty when you’re controlling. A burning question, courtesy of Virginia reader Kathleen Leicht: "There are ladies out there (like myself) who know sports and enjoy watching a good game with the guys, but I understand we need to convince guys to let us. " Well, here's the thing, Kathleen: Guys like watching sports with other guys. We're not asking for that much -- football on Sundays, a weekend in Vegas, the occasional male bonding night at the ballpark. The moment you say something like, "Wait, I thought Drew Bledsoe was on the Patriots," you might as well pull a bag over your head. Along those same lines, an understated approach may just win our eternal respect. Bill Simmons is a columnist for Page 2 and ESPN The Magazine. But generally, they want the same thing: friendship, companionship, chemistry.

Men either love to be on the move or watch other men move, mostly on TV or at a stadium. And they’ll love you for it if you don’t complain about it. Until you get a grip on your fears or whatever is making you work this ugly trait, your relationship will suffer.

It was the first time I had been upset with anyone famous dieing, because I felt I was connected with the show.

Now I find it hard to watch the show, and currently the network is showing older episodes with John still in it. And now I honestly think the show should now rest in piece.

If you're wearing a player's jersey, you should know a lot about that player. Do not put your own name on a jersey unless you are under the age of 10.

Don't wear pink versions of jerseys, t-shirts, etc." —Pete, 29, Dallas"Root for a team you actually like, not simply the one I happen to like.

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