1959 romantic comedy the dating game

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Enraptured by Mariette, he decides to stick around and help the family out of their onerous tax burden.Further research reveals an ancestral claim dating to the Civil War -- in reality, the government owes the Larkins million." /Despite its old-fashioned questions -- Will she or won't she?

Although she retired, the actress continued to make occasional TV and film appearances.

While there is no overt sexual activity, other than some passionate kissing and a young man feebly trying to force his attention on the leading lady, the story is about relationships -- both those that are purely sexual and those that are romantic.

More decades-old values onscreen: a featured player with a chronic hangover is seen as humorous, as are several scenes in which characters get very, very drunk; women are referred to as "girls"; homosexuality and obesity are mocked; there's no ethnic diversity; characters smoke; and the glamorous wardrobe includes lots of fur.

When she was just 3 years old, Davis moved with her family to Erie, Pennsylvania, where she attended Strong Vincent High School, graduating in 1944.

She had planned to study medicine, but became interested in acting instead.

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