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As you can see from the selected answer, you can include the target table in the update clause even if you are not using a self-join.

clause will cause a self-join in Postgres (while other DBs may behave differently).

The course also shows you how to build queries and action queries, create and design forms, use macros, integrate Access with the rest of the Office 2016 suite, and maintain your databases over time.

Large Number (bigint) support Support for Large Number data types was highly requested by our customers. The Large Number data type stores a non-monetary, numeric value and is compatible with the SQL_BIGINT data type in ODBC.

Thus, it makes sense that Postgres allows for this.

The inclusion of the From clause is not ISO standard but is supported in some fashion by most database vendors including Postgres.

However many DBMSs such Postgres support the use of a FROM clause in an UPDATE statement.

Key fields relate your Access tables to each other.

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By Laurie Ulrich Fuller, Ken Cook The basic query tool in Access 2016, created to make your life easier, is the Select query — so named because it selects matching records from your database and displays the results according to your instructions.

The best process for creating a Select query depends on the following: In life, solid relationships make for a happier person; in Access, solid relationships make for a happier query experience.

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