Accommodating autism classroom

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In addition, it discusses strategies for providing support to the student.

People with ASD represent a consistently growing population; it is, therefore, important to understand their needs and how to support them in their academic endeavors.

but mostly it was just a story of me and the things I did.

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(US Autism and Asperger Association, 2013)Autism, or autism spectrum disorder (ASD), is a neurological disorder that was first described by Hans Asperger, a Viennese pediatrician, in 1944.Therefore, before each class I wrote a list of activities for that day on the board. Another possibility might be to split the spelling quiz into two parts with 10 words on Tuesday and the rest on Friday. Adjust the time allotted for learning, task completion, or testing.My sense is that every student would benefit from knowing what today's lesson will cover as part of preparing for the day's class. Develop an individualized timeline for the student.This enables you to be a powerful advocate for your child.It also means that you must be an informed, active participant in planning and monitoring your child’s unique program and legal rights.

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