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This is an informal chat session and is a great place to come ask questions, seek help for technical problems, or just chat about Rep Rapping and similar topics.

Firefox Users can download the Chatzilla Firefox plug-in and simply use the link to irc:// Rap (This may work with other clients as well).

There is indeed a great deal of sextalk, sleaze and garbage on IRC, and one should exercise caution in allowing children to access the IRC without supervision.We cannot begin to stress enough the importance of security on the network, and so we regularly release fixes and patches for the latest IRC Chat Rooms worms and viruses.The latest worm to arise has been spotted a couple of times in different IRC Chat rooms and disguises itself as a link to a PNG file on the web.When logged into a chat session, you “converse” by typing messages that are instantly sent to other chat participants. IRC is great fun and you”ll sure meet lots of interesting people and find nice spots to hang out!But, IRC is not something that you should just jump into without first reading up on it.

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