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He then kept calling me and asking me out but I declined.'He then said he would send me a video of the house but when I got it through it wasn't the property but a video of him performing a sex act on himself.'He kept asking me to move in and said I could live there for free so long as I had sex with him whenever he wanted.'The second man contacted her on Whatsapp and quickly asked her out on a date.She added: 'After about a month he messaged me and said I could have the room for free so I asked what the catch was and he said he wanted to have sex with me and couldn’t think of any other way to get me to say yes so I could have the flat for free so long as I slept with him.Become a digital subscriber today and enjoy unlimited access to the Omaha World-Herald anytime, anywhere.If you are a 7-day print subscriber, unlimited digital access is included in your subscription and you simply need to set up an online account.If you wish to chat about incest, children or beastiality then please find another chat provider.Due to numerous requests for a verification system for females we offer this service completely FREE of charge.Hard.” The teen claimed Weiner sent her nude photos using a confidential message app that automatically deletes messages — and images — once they are viewed.

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She told the Mail Online: 'One asked for my number and then messaged me saying he had a bad week and asked if I wanted to go out with him.'The next morning he sent a message apologising and explaining he sent it to the wrong person.

She has not been receiving any treatment or educational training while at York.

In her affidavit (full link below) Doe writes: "I can feel myself growing more and more isolated, frustrated, and feeling alone in my current isolation…

I need to deal with the trauma I've experienced in my life.

This prison cannot do that for me." The Department of Correction is considering transferring Jane Doe to Manson Correctional Institute, a prison for males up to age 20. Public pressure in the face of these injustices goes a LONG way.

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