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"It's time for us to take a hard look at cameras," said Tully.

"What appears to have happened in Nova Scotia over the last 10 years or so is a lot of cameras were installed, but there wasn't a lot of privacy impact or evaluation done." She said it's time for Nova Scotia's guidelines on video surveillance to be re-evaluated, and pointed to two key issues.

Five months later—pursuant to a court order in the Robbins case—it informed Hasan for the first time that it had secretly taken the photographs.

Tully is looking into whether the cameras are in compliance with Nova Scotia's privacy laws.

Images of children near washrooms, in hallways and in the school yard being made public are concerning, she told CBC News on Thursday.

The Lower Merion School District, which covers a wealthy suburb of Philadelphia, is being sued by parents after its staff remotely activated the computers' tracking software to find 80 laptops that had gone missing over the last two years.

None of the images captured by the tracking system appeared to be salacious or inappropriate, said Henry Hockeimer, a lawyer for the school district.

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