An error occured while validating update on datagrid not updating

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I have configured two phones, one is a 5320 the other an APP server port and given them 20 with a COS with HCI and all the rest set.I can see on the UCA that my account has two phones a deskphone and a minet softphone. This is all local, my v UCC server is called v UCC.servermanager.There is nothing in the error log other than the line " Validate Error Error occurred while validating the field(s) arch: Invalid XML for View Architecture! The error is shown inside a box which appears when I click Install. As I am not that well aware of python coding,if somebody suggest me the changes to be made in the code files please,it would be a great favour. My requirement is I want to add a grid structire under the form with two columns date and status.What are the code changes that are to be made in my present and files?When I check from support bundle oncommand-um-logs-ocum-report.log, there is no error message about imported reports.I checked custom file, my reports was showing on that file but can not see on OCUM imported reports page.i was facing the same problem and fixed thank for the god. the problem it was in the sort of the DNS IP on the NIC card in the Primary domain must be in the preferred (Primary domain IP) and the alternative is (secondry DC) for all the secondary : in the preferred (seconder domain IP) and the alternative is (Primary DC).

I am working closely with the admins responsible for these devices and can get tests performed as needed.) We have run into an issue where we cannot add conditional forwarders that point to BIND nameservers under Windows Server 2012. The log file is created in system temporary directory (accessible via putting %It seems that there's some incompatibility between the . What version of the framework do you have installed? We would be able to better understand the problem, if you'd upload launcher log file(s) that was created when this error occurred..", you will find more info about the error (and then post your log). Drive letter:\Program Fi...)\openerp ....\server\server\I tried for a long to debugg the issue but in vain.look also at the end of your file: _columns is ordr_id or order_id for Maniganda: line_ids is there !!! So I removed the complete module and is reworking on the code now.

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