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Men in the study who had condomless sex with partners on Pr EP or with undetectable viral loads appeared, most often, to let their assessment of HIV risk guide their decisions.

In other words, most men weren’t having condomless sex because of negative attitudes toward condoms or lack of partner communication.

In order to be in the study, couples have to be having sex without condoms at least some of the time.

The HIV-negative partner cannot be using post-exposure or pre-exposure prophylaxis (PEP or Pr EP) and the HIV-positive partner has to be on ART, with the most recent viral load below 200 copies/ml.

This is different from HPTN052, which measured the efficacy of the HIV positive partner starting therapy (versus partners who did not).

However, such precise estimates of the risk level of individual activities are hard to come by and vary widely according to many different criteria: However, people who give or receive advice have often complained that repeatedly telling someone their activity has been ‘low risk’ is no help unless some degree of quantification is attempted.

Therefore, and with all the above caveats in mind, we will here list a number of estimates (or guesstimates) of the likelihood of infection per exposure for specific activities and incidents.

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