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Once you are signed in to AOL Desktop, users can access the AIM Chat directory by navigating to the "Community" menu item, and selecting "Chat Room Listings" to continue.

Another shortcut is to use AOL keyword: Chat Room Listings for a full directory of AIM Chat rooms.

In order to find and join an AOL chat room, a user must first install the necessary AOL chat room software, and then select the AOL Keyword: Chat Room listing tab which brings up a variety of chat rooms. Continue Reading The AOL chats tab has a list of categories, some of which are arts and entertainment, celebrities, food, and autos.

Simply selecting the desired chat topic and clicking Chat Now brings the user into the chat room.

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It is also possible to search for specific chat rooms by using the Chat Finder feature.

There is no charge for AIM chat room users to use AOL Desktop, as long as you bring your own internet connection.

If you do not have it already, learn how to download AOL Desktop for free.

To begin using AIM chat rooms, launch AOL Desktop web browser on your computer.

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