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Running from side to side of the DJ booth, Lohan snapped a few pictures of Ronson while she was spinning before turning the camera on the crowd.

Guests seated next to the booth were the subjects of a particularly long series of pictures because Lohan thought, "they look the sketchiest." At 1am, when the party wrapped up, Lohan grabbed the microphone and declared, "She's taken! Security moved quick when the crowd of 1,200 partiers wasn't leaving the venue.

Samantha Ronson (born 7 August 1977) is an English singer-songwriter and disc jockey who presently lives in Los Angeles, California.

At one time Samantha was romantically linked to Lindsay Lohan before it the relationship fell apart.

It's a Saturday night in early October and Lindsay Lohan is sitting at the Chateau Marmont drinking a Shirley Temple.

She is such a regular at the hotel that no one gives a second look when she comes racing in with a friend.

Lindsay Lohan is still more famous for her crazy shenanigans than she is for her role as an actress – but do you think she even cares about that?

Spend enough time in the spotlight, and it no longer matters what they do, but the attention that results from it.

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Seated behind Ronson, in Shrine's DJ booth, Lohan spent much of the three-hour party texting furiously on her Black Berry, avoiding prying photographers, and stealing kisses from Ronson.

Right now, she’d be kissing her career goodbye if she was ever caught with that trainwreck again in public. Can you glimpse a Lindsay and Samantha reunion in the offing?

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson are NOT getting back together ...

A source tells the Enquirer, and isn’t doing anything to stop Lindsay’s attempts at a reconciliation. I can 100% believe that Lindsay would stoop to such desperate measures to regain her former glory, but I don’t believe that anybody who’s sane would ever agree to this.

Sure, Samantha used to date Lindsay, but that was when Lindsay was half-way sane and normal.

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