Art of dating korra

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She’s also on her own personal journey—she has to learn the less forceful technique of airbending and how to connect to the spirit world in order to complete her training as the Avatar.

But the show derails itself by filling each episode with pointless, melodramatic romantic plotlines.

We have been trained to see mostly males on screen, even though our real world is half and half.

It is not the same thing as just genuine niceness (Bolin is an example of a dude who is awesome and nice without being “chivalrous.”) Every time Mako opened his mouth it was so he could worry about Korra and it kind of made her out to be…delicate.

In Book 2, we got a few more female characters…along with a legion of male characters, both new and recurring. After all, these are the creators of Avatar: the Last Airbender, a series that cherishes and empowers women; maybe they’ll do better next time they try their hand at writing something on their own. Perhaps now that they are working in a team, most of their bad ideas can be filtered out!! Each was different from the other and they all had their own goals and motivations.

With so few female characters to focus on, you would think that, surely, Konietzko and Di Martino would put their energy into developing the few at hand. While men dominated their worlds in both power and number, women’s stories still mattered and often complimented the stories of their male counterparts.

It’s full of action: stunning martial arts, elemental power fights, speeding car chases, airship rides, and flying bison. But there are other, very important reasons to watch , and I will give you a brief description of some characters to prove the first one: 1.

There’s comedy in every episode: Bolin’s silly and frightening romance with Eska, one-liner brilliance from Varrick, and various cute animal antics. A trainee who will never let a friend down, but is quick to fight and lacks patience. A ruler who keeps order with cruelty, and steals from the people. A stylish and good-looking engineer who likes fast cars and planes. A thoughtful child who struggles with Dad to take on responsibility. A captain of the police force who doesn’t crack a smile, but is clever and self-sacrificing.

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