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Some of the most popular traditional apps addressed the locally relevant “needs” of African society.

Kenya’s money-transfer application, M-Pesa, revolutionised day-to-day banking for millions in rural areas who do not have access to traditional banks.

This is one of the most popular scams in online dating.

Ali Express is a business within Alibaba Group.panies that focuses on solid technology, great service and its customers.Since the price for sex is so cheap it really isn’t a big deal when it happens.This post will start out with the best places to go to pay for sex in Accra, girls that aren’t pros will follow that up.These stretch from banking services to agricultural advice and, now, dating.With 20% of Africa’s 1.1 billion-strong population now online, and 70% of internet users using mobile phones, the impact of applications is set to reverberate across social, political and economic spaces.

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