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DADT repeal, grooming for certain groups) why has no one looked atthe officer/enlisted relationship issue.

Top Can certain training schools or duty stations be guaranteed to me upon enlistment? It will depend on your term of commitment, specialty and the needs of the Navy. The three most popular ways are through: How do I apply to the Naval Academy? You can also receive a commission in the Navy by joining Naval ROTC.

If a recruit has already taken the test, he or she should inform his or her recruiter and see if his or her results are still valid.

A recruiter will discuss physical requirements with recruits beforehand.

The actual offense can be more clearly defined by the individual services and by local unit and base regulations.

It is not necessarily going to be punished, but it can be.

Does any other country besides the US have military bases all over the world? How much would an Army major make in retirement after being in for twenty years?

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The Army Green to Gold program provides options for Soldiers interested in pursuing a baccalaureate or graduate degree and earning a commission as an Army Officer.

Enlisted - Officer realtionships are forbidden It can be allowed under reserve components if the relationship stem from a civilian outside the Army kinda think. The exceptions: there was an existing relationship at the time of enlistment or if you both had been enlisted and one of you gained a commission.

If you weren't in the military when you first started dating then maybe it would be ok... Ultimately its a commanders decision to deem what relationships are appropriate or not, which as long as it doesn't interfere with doing your job or "unit cohesiveness" As the Army likes to say... Just read for yourself maybe you can find a way to interpret it for you lol. But to begin a relationship with an officer and an enlisted.... And even though you had previously dayed, this was not an existing relationship.

Officers, in any branch, are not supposed to fate enlisted folks, in any branch.

Edit: "In July 1998, Defense Secretary William Cohen directed the services to "adopt uniform, clear and readily understandable" fraternization policies.

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