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Every 28 days, there are on average more than 85,000 changes to the Nav database. Yes, there is an effective date, and Nav Data updates for GPS and FMS equipment are only good for the specific, 28-day time period indicated.For this reason, we also strongly recommend a regular update service to VFR pilots! Pilots using most GPS units will want to load new data updates as close as possible to the effective date.NOTE: Most FMS units are dual cycle and carry both a current and future data set.With these units, the future effective data can be loaded at any time, and the unit will automatically switch on the effective date. Where can I view a schedule of the Nav Data and terminal chart update cycles? The most current notices and alerts for your avionics are always just a click away.The template is laser engraved for accuracy and filled with black acrylic paint, creating easy-to-see labels for each symbol.Also, providing all the symbols needed to efficiently update your charts.NEW Navionics provides all-in-one content for marine and lakes: Nautical Charts containing the essential cartographic reference detail; Sonar Charts™, an HD bathymetry map reflecting the ever-changing conditions of sea, lake and river bottoms; and Community Edits contributed by users.Coverage regions are wide, just select and download the areas you need.

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If you are not sure about this please get in touch Remember if you have changed chart plotters and now have one that requires a different card type, then you are able to change card formats as part of the update or exchange order process, so remember to select the appropriate chart card type from the drop down list.NEW Navionics Updates enables customers who already own a Silver or Gold card to update their charts and upgrade to Navionics .Platinum marine charts include Nautical Charts, Sonar Charts™, Community Edits and exclusive Platinum features that offer extra viewing options and added details for the richest content, including 3D rendering of depth elevations and seabed areas with satellite overlay, and over 35,000 photos of harbours and marinas. Best of all, no service fees and the app is free to download! Use your internet-enabled smartphone, laptop, or tablet via the Craftsman mobile app or web-interface.

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