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I downloaded this app after reading that it was App of the Year 2016 according to Mashable Tech.Since then it's been wonderful and gets better after each update.We aim to answer all questions within 30-45 minutes.Omegle (oh·meg·ull) is a great way to meet new friends. [email protected]Twitter/Instagram: @houseparty This app is like oovoo but better. You can have lots of people in a party( the most I've had was 7) unlike oovoo with only 4 on screen while others you listen to.Also I think they should make the joining times slower (even though they could help you prepare before joining).Download this episode (right click and save) Could this be our most nerdy podcast ever?We talk technical spec of OCULUS RIFT, behind the scenes photography inside the dev studio of NO MANS SKY, text-based adventures with FALLEN LONDON, combat systems with TRANSISTOR and the morality of the WITCHER 3 – Wild Hunt.

We chat excitedly about us attending DARE Protoplay 2015 in Dundee, BATTLE HIGH 2, the enduring legacy of TEAM 17’s WORMS, RARE Replay, and more about DARE. We have our TGIWTTA (aka tiggywitta) games plus the usual banter and the ever present MINECRAFT mention.

WE also mention SKYRIM a few times, and reference a ton of other geeky stuff.

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It's great if you want to talk to Multiple people at once through video, or have a person to talk to who can't use Face Time.

Two men enter one man leaves, then another one takes his place. Download this episode (right click and save) Cam and Tom host a short and sweet episode in which archaic notions such as Windows 95, CD Roms and libraries made out of bricks and mortar are discussed, along with reactions to MICROSOFT apparently conceding Japan, PLAYSTATION NOW impressions, FMV game HER STORY and Tom gets super animated on rpg/pinball hybrid ROLLERS OF THE REALM.

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