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is a Nickelodeon Kid Com series from veteran showrunner Dan Schneider, the tenth series he has created for that network.

The premise of the series revolves around a group of 7th grade students who, when trying to come up with a science project to turn in for class, instead accidentally create a hit video game that turns them into millionaires overnight.

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Mechanics The design process of the parts begins with a brainstorming, then I adjust the drawings to get something satisfactory.

Specifically for this project was also required a study on canine anatomy.

Actually a very superficial study, just to maintain a similar morphology to a real dog. What's new in my process of making parts is that I used a 2 mm thick aluminum sheet for the main part of the body.

They then team up with a rapper and a professional gamer to churn out more hit video games.

As a promotional tie-in with the series, Nickelodeon will also release games inspired by the creations on the show for viewers to play through their website as well as some as actual smartphone game apps.

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