Chrome not updating css

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There were lots of great comments on the CSS Caching article.

I learned a lot from those comments, so I wanted to clear up some of the misunderstanding and highlight some of the great tricks other folks shared.

We want extensions and apps to be autoupdated for some of the same reasons as Google Chrome itself: to incorporate bug and security fixes, add new features or performance enhancements, and improve user interfaces.

If you publish using the Chrome Developer Dashboard, you can .

If the update manifest mentions a version that is more recent than what's installed, the browser downloads and installs the new version.You can research how to do something similar using whatever language you have on the backend.You can also do this through a grunt/gulp build step, if you have that at your disposal. Ray was interested in sharing this technique as a way to pay forward things he's learned from this site in the past, which is awesome.You might be aware of the j Query method, which allows you to select an element if it has any of another selector as a descendant. But if you know a little something about the HTML structure, you can use a combination of positional selectors to mimic it. Recently, I was working on a dropdown navigation bar and wanted to differentiate the menu items which contained sub menus from those that didn't.

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