Ct dating restrictions

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Maryland law provides that the state may not interfere with the decision of a woman to terminate a pregnancy: (1) before the fetus is viable or (2) at any time, if an abortion is necessary to protect the life or health of the woman, or the fetus is affected by genetic defect or serious deformity or abnormality (Health-General, 20-209).s right to obtain an abortion during the first 24 weeks of pregnancy ( 442.250).In November l990, Nevada voters passed a ballot initiative approving this law; as a result, it cannot be amended, repealed, or otherwise changed without a referendum vote.Knowing this helps you and your doctor choose the best treatment.It also helps doctors predict your chance of recovery.

Thirty-nine states prohibit minors from obtaining abortions without parental consent or notice.A PET scan may be combined with a CT scan at many cancer treatment centers.However, you may hear your doctor refer to this procedure just as a PET scan.While Connecticut does not have such a law, it does require a minor to receive counseling, before getting an abortion, that includes discussion of the possibility of consulting her parents.Connecticut law provides that “the decision to terminate a pregnancy prior to the viability of the fetus shall be solely that of the pregnant woman in consultation with her physician” (CGS 19a-602(a), (b)).s exercise of her private decision to terminate a pregnancy before viability” (Title 22, 1598(1)).

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