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This is the reason why, when crossing the street, the men are always on the danger side of the women. Since they were kids, they were taught to respect their elders and be polite.

They open doors for their dates, pull out the chairs, open the car doors, etc.

2) A great number of Filipino men suffer from gambling and drinking problems.

3) An alarmingly huge number of Filipino men are simply unfit to be good fathers or good husbands.

Macho culture and male dominance are still very much alive in the Philippines.

According to one government report, “Sexual relations, child bearing and child rearing are still dependent on men as the ultimate decision makers” in Filipino households.

A typically Filipino house is financed by the women…

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I’ll rewind a bit and start at the beginning, while I was still living in the United States of America.

But somehow always managed to lose myself in the process or to end up with a broken heart. And I somehow was so tired of all those stereotype moonlit beach walks, glasses of red wine by the fire place and show and tell about all the damage inflicted by other women.

And yet, after every period of healing I got up and started dating again. I closed my profile, had a notary draw up a sworn document that I would never date again and retired from the dating scene. As a happy single I packed my bags and started to travel.

Most of all I like my Father’s whispers, reminding me He makes everything beautiful in his time.

This blog is a simple collection of beautiful things around me.

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