Dating a secretive person

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Is there any way for us to have a say in tax decisions related to the trust or is this solely at the discretion of the executor?

Betrayed sibling Dear Betrayed, Your sister appears to have overstepped her role as executor, and views it as a free license to do as she pleases, and lord it over the rest of you.

I don't think that he is having an affair or anything like that, but I can't stop wondering what he is hiding?

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I am sorry that you have had to put up with this for so long and I think you are a strong woman for having coped so well. You say that your husband is a good man in many respects and you don't believe that he is hiding an affair.We feel like we have no say about or oversight of what she is doing even though we are all equal beneficiaries.We have all had to file extensions on our tax returns, but do not know what she will do and how it will affect us.Dear Moneyologist, My mother who died last year left behind a trust with rental properties, cash and investment accounts to all of her three children in equal amounts.My sister was left as executor but immediately joined with another sister to start controlling our mother’s assets.

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