Dating after bilateral mastectomy

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I sometimes feel like a drag queen getting ready to go out in the world, especially when I’m getting ready for a date.First, there’s the wig (made of my own hair), then there’s my gummi boobs (tucked into a pocketed Spanx black bra), then there’s the makeup, in particular my painted-on eyebrows.We broke up because at 22 years old, two years with the same person feels like a lifetime.Sometimes I miss that Abe Lincoln lookalike, it’s true. But I have, for the most part, been enjoying the single life.I had serious migraines and muscle spasms that required medication on a an almost daily basis.

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He steals sideways looks at me in the dark, his face glowing with the light of the flames, and slowly shakes his head. He lives on a boat docked just around the bend on the lake.Over the next few months, I’ll be posting my findings…starting with: DON’T ask a your date if he or she has Google stalked you. I met a guy at a web developer meetup event, and we went out a few times.During one date, I decided I would tell him about my BRCA mutation and mastectomy, and since he was a computer programmer and had previously told me to check out his personal website, I assumed it was safe to ask him if he’d seen mine.I would wait right now, you are only 1 week out from this life changing surgery, both mentally and physically too. So I would have to say, if it helps the woman reclaim her 'femininity' by all means, reconstuct them.annabella, A Bi Lat Mastectomy is the removal of both breasts due to a cancer diagnosis.Let yourself heal emotionally first and foremost before deciding on the final outcome. On topic: I think what some factors people also need to consider in how a woman deals with a single or bi-lat is age, marital status and whether they have children or not.

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