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Silicon-32 is produced in the atmosphere by cosmic ray bombardment of argon, and falls out on the Earth's surface in precipitation.

Silicon-32 methods may be used to date siliceous sediments and sponges, groundwater and glacier ice.

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The Ludwig (2012) Comment on our paper (Fassett et al., 2011) primarily focuses on the U-Pb data treatment used to arrive at the original fossilization dates for our two dinosaur bone samples—specifically, the method we used to correct for the presence of common lead in dinosaur bone.

As noted in our Reply (Fassett et al., 2012) to Koenig et al.

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The best that can be hoped for, if the isotopic composition of non-radiogenic lead is known and early absorbed uranium and its radiogenic lead are quantitatively retained (none of which is demonstrated by Fassett et al.), is that a minimum age for the bone can be postulated.The fact that the date of 73.6 Ma that we obtained for control bone 22799-D is virtually the same as a single-crystal Ar age of 73.04 Ma obtained for sanidine crystals from a proximal, altered volcanic ash bed (Fassett and Steiner, 1997; Fassett, 2000) at the same stratigraphic level as bone 22799-D further validates our laser-ablation U-Pb dating procedures, and the dates we reported. B: 34 skeletal elements from a single hadrosaur (note hammer for scale); photograph from S. These results also confirmed that the sampled areas of the bones we analyzed represented closed geochemical systems from the time of their original mineralization to the present.femur showing fragment BB-1 collected for analysis by Fassett in 1998 (photograph by J. Geologic Assessment of Coal in the Colorado Plateau: Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah: U. you are thinking about hiring a Professional Dating Coach huh? What criteria should I use to determine if I should hire one as well was which one I should hire?How do I distinguish the Dating Coaches who will genuinely help me improve my love life, sex life, and overall social life from the ones who are simply snake-oil salesmen and scam artists? A Professional Dating Coach helps a man or woman improve various aspects of their love life, sex life, and interpersonal communication skills with members of the opposite sex in the same way a Professional Health & Fitness Trainer helps a man or woman develop better eating and nutritional habits as well as a higher degree of self-discipline as it relates to maintaining good, helpful exercise habits.

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