Dating dog talk

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She will bring some trace of her dog pretty much everywhere she goes.

An old red raincoat, mud-splattered jeans and a pair of wellies wouldn’t normally be my first choice of attire for a romantic meeting.

The same photo models were judged as looking more relaxed, approachable, and happy when they appeared with a dog (all desirable characteristics for a profile picture for those on Random strangers, homeless people, and people in wheelchairs all find that when they have a dog with them, they are approached more and experience more positive interactions.

Having a dog with you is more important for first impressions than what you wear.

On the idyllic coast of Brittany, France, a handsome Frenchman called Antoine spent the warm days of summer picking up women. I have to go to work this afternoon, but I was wondering if you would give me your phone number.

I'll phone you later and we can have a drink together someplace." Research has shown that it’s notoriously difficult to get phone numbers from women this way.

In fact, in a Knoxville New-Sentinel survey 58 percent of men said that a puppy is a fool-proof chick magnet.

Dating coach Melissa Smith seems to have caught on to this and organizes "Singles, Pets & The Park" events at Dogwood Park in Knoxville, Tennessee.

One study asked participants to rate photos of people with or without a dog.The new rage in dating is bringing Fido along to events and places that allow for pooches.After all, if your potential mate is smitten with your four-legged friend, chances are better for a match made in heaven.All you have to do is let your friendly pooch nose up to the good looking girl or guy sitting on a park bench, smile and say, "Look at that, Fido likes you." Now you can introduce your dog and start talking.All the awkwardness of introduction is instantly swept away.

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