Dating in the 1980 s

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The footage in "Video Dating" is from 1987, FFF says, and features men basically delivering the video equivalent of a Tinder bio.

They sit in front of colorful backgrounds and try to sell themselves to the women who are (hopefully) watching. Combine them with the unfortunate mustaches and loud sweater patterns, and you have to cringe.

you had generations of guys,,,focusing on that one call,,to ask her out,,thinking of the right words to say,,,getting nervous, and sweaty,,,as you call,, and if you finally did reach her- she might say no because of a family obligation, etc, but it was still rejection,,, much easier to see a text "im busy this weekend, have to go visit grandparents" and if a parent was "expecting" a phone call from someone else-the phone was off-limits..

Back In the 80's when Greaseman was going strong at DC 101 here in Washington DC.

Next scene: two women are talking, and one of them is telling a great story about how she wore her best 80’s attire (note: I think 80’s fashion is pretty fucking rad too, so I like her style). She quickly moves away from him and says, “Haha well you might look like Rhett Butler but it took them an entire Civil War to get together…like 9000 dead people… He reaches for her and says, “Do you think–” She interrupts, “Good night! She says, “Don’t make me clobber you with rejection. There’s a lot more to what I’m really saying than what I’m saying!

Finally, she hangs her head and sighs–do you think he understands her body language? I bet Leo Di Caprio watched this film in preparation for Wolf of Wall Street. ” Which is of course the most perfectly awkward thing to say ever, after what she just said. AT THE END OF THE NIGHT: They’re in front of her house. ——– BACK TO REAL WOMAN TALK, FROM REAL WOMEN, FOR MEN: “When I first met you, you made me so happy! She went out with a guy who she found boring and didn’t want to date anymore, but she had to “let him down gently.” After telling him her schedule was booked, he kept calling and calling.

Pamela Wiznitzer, president of the New York chapter of the United States Bartenders' Guild and huge advocate of dates actually working out, has this on lock: "Never give everything about yourself away online -- keep some quirks private so you can share them with someone who really means a lot to you.

Don't post that you're seriously into architecture, or that you played rugby in college, if you want to use those things as talking points." The process is much more complicated.

Every woman on the planet knows “The Game”, and has either developed game of her own, or dismissed game entirely on account of how stupid it is. Being a single woman is way more fun (and less stigmatizing) than it used to be.

"You can't think about that because it could make you crazy with insecurity and you need to come across as confident." All you can really do, says Steinberg, is to "keep yourself busy by enjoying the almost infinite number of ways you have an almost infinite number of women available to you." You stood a decent chance of winning over women with the mesmerizing lines and cunning “techniques” you learned in a class taught by a guy with a smallish pony tail in the basement of a copy machine repair center. It's sexy and it shows that you’ve got balls." Women are better educated, more financially independent, and under far less pressure to get married by, like, 23.

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