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Many of them came to Japan during two invasions of Korea led by Toyotomi Hideyoshi in the 1590s.An appreciation of Korean ceramics had recently developed in Japan, and many of the feudal lords who accompanied Hideyoshi brought back Korean potters to build up the ceramic industry in their territories (1983.557.2).

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Since the 4th century, Japanese ceramics have often been influenced by Chinese and Korean pottery.Japan is further distinguished by the unusual esteem that ceramics holds within its artistic tradition, owing to the enduring popularity of the tea ceremony.Japanese ceramic history records distinguished many potter names, and some were artist-potters, e.g. Japanese anagama kilns also have flourished through the ages, and their influence weighs with that of the potters.The vessels are fired at very high temperatures so that they are strong and vitrified, as opposed to low-fired earthenware, which is porous and easily breakable.Unlike stoneware, which is high-fired but can be made from many different types of clay, porcelain is made from a specific clay mixture that includes a soft, white variety called kaolin.

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