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According to psychologist Kevin Leman in his book "The New Birth Order Book: Why You are the Way You are," birth order can influence the health of a partnership.Leman references a study published in the Journal of Marriage and Family that evaluated the relationship quality of 236 business executives and their partners based on birth order combinations.I wonder if Birth Order has any bearing on work or personal relationship.The Oldest child is stereotypically the more rigid, ambitious and responsible child.Martin Luther King Jr., Abraham Lincoln, and Madonna—all are visionary middles with strong leadership qualities.

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The middles are said to be trustworthy romantic partners. Catherine Salmon, she found that middle children are highly unlikely than others to cheat on their partners while in long-term romantic relationships.WHAT ARE SOME COMMON STEREOTYPES ABOUT MIDDLE CHILDREN? Middles are not embittered wallflowers—they are social beings and great team players.They are considered to be neglected, resentful, have no drive, have a negative outlook, feel like they don’t belong—in other words, that they suffer from “Middle Child Syndrome.” A Stanford University study showed that middles are considered the most envious, least bold, and least talkative of all the birth orders. If middles are so resentful and bitter, why are they more cooperative and trusting in their friendships? Fifty-two percent of our Presidents have been middles.Finding the right partner can be challenging at the best of times.To make things more complicated, psychologists believe that we might be more suited to each other depending on the order in which we were born.

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