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Waypoint type within approach mode : 0 = None 1 = Fix 2 = Procedure turn left 3 = Procedure turn right 4 = Dme arc left 5 = Dme arc right 6 = Holding left 7 = Holding right 8 = Distance 9 = Altitude 10 = Manual sequence 11 = Vector to final Returns bit flags with the following meaning: BIT7: 0= VOR 1= Localizer BIT6: 1= glideslope available BIT5: 1= no localizer backcourse BIT4: 1= DME transmitter at glide slope transmitter BIT3: 1= no nav signal available BIT2: 1= voice available BIT1: 1 = TACAN available BIT0: 1= DME available If units are set as boolean, returns True if a sling object is attached.If units are set as a string, returns the container title of the object. The string is the same as the one shown in the Parking column of the Traffic Explorer dialog, and is made up in the form: Name Number, Type ( radius ) For example: Ramp 1, RAMP sml (10m) Gate G 4, RAMP lrg (18m) Refer also to the Taxiway Parking section of the Compiling BGL document. Estimated time of departure for the current schedule entry, given as the number of seconds difference from the current simulation time.Vous ne trouverez pas moins de 11 différents jeux Jeux Sim Date, comme Love Hina: Sim Date & Naruto: Dating Sim.Essayer de scorer un rendez-vous dans ces jeux Sim Date!The office is both overworked and understaffed, so you'll have to work out whose projects you help with accordingly. Some parameters take an index to determine which of a multiple of system is being queried.Vous avez pari avec copains qui russissent draguer Minami la coqueluche High School avant la Saint-Valentin!

When the units are listed as a structure or as a string, enter the empty string, or simply NULL, in the units parameter of this function call.

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There can be multiple sling positions, indexed from 1. If the object is an aircraft under ATC control the string will be one of: "init" "sleep" "flt plan" "startup" "preflight support" "clearance" "push back 1" "push back 2" "pre taxi out" "taxi out" "takeoff 1" "takeoff 2" "T&G depart" "enroute" "pattern" "landing" "rollout" "go around" "taxi in" "shutdown" "postflight support" If the AI object is not an aircraft under ATC control, the string is one of: "Sleep" "Waypoint" "Takeoff" "Landing" "Taxi" This string also appears in the State column of the Traffic Explorer tool dialog. This can be negative if ETD is earlier than the current simulation time. Estimated time of arrival for the current schedule entry, given as the number of seconds difference from the current simulated time. This value will be 0 before the catapult fires, and then up to 100 as the aircraft is propelled down the catapult.

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