Definition intimidating witness katt william internet dating

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Investigators, whether tasked with a volume crime or major investigation, must recognise the individual needs and concerns of witnesses and treat them with dignity and respect.This can have a significant impact on how witnesses cooperate with the investigation and any subsequent prosecution.There have been examples of trials collapsing because of the impact of the adversarial nature of proceedings on witnesses who have been identified as "vulnerable" and examples of other difficulties in securing convictions.

A witness is considered as a person, other than a defendant, who is likely to give evidence in court.All victims are also witnesses and should be treated as such.The success of any investigation depends largely on the accuracy and detail of the material obtained from witnesses.Vulnerable or intimidated witnesses can be assisted by 'Special Measures' to help them to give their evidence in the best way possible.The prosecution can make an application to the Court for Special Measures to be granted.

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