Dick dating dating site from ghana

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Every photo that gets uploaded to the app passes through the filter that detects the face and nudity before scoring the picture and rejecting one that exceeds a certain score.

Do women who marry very poorly endowed men end up regretting it?I’m pretty sure we’ve all done it at least once or so.My reason, I think, was just the ‘voyeurism’ aspect of it — the hopes that the girl would comment back with ‘nice dick’ or something.(Which, by the way, is the same question I’ve asked my Aunt Linda after years and years of receiving terrible, ill-fitting gifts from her on holidays.)To find out, I spoke with a few men who have admitted to sending dick pics to women who’ve never asked for them.I found these guys with the help of cougar dating site Toyboy Warehouse, who asked their male audience to anonymously provide some input (hey, it’s tough, and potentially awkward, to get this kind of information from another dude).

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