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I have made a very crude bash script of a mixture of dig/grep/cut/sed to get the old ip, reverse its pattern and then delete before adding a new you're taking the IP and reversing it to get the PTR record, you may want to consider either parsing out the zone statements from the config or some other method of keeping track of the actual zone so that you're not trying to add/remove to the wrong zone; i.e., if you're using 192.168/16 IP space, you wouldn't want to try to add records as a /24.

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Say Note that I have taken care to use two separate "send" commands to handle the A and PTR updates of www1.since the changes apply to two different zones, and 1.16.172. There's no method I'm aware of where you can link them so that one command does both as they are separate records.DDNS is handy if you have a DNS Server in your local network that should be able to resolve the names of your local PCs.This information should not be forwarded to outside your network, unless you use public IP addresses.I'll cover these areas, then show you an example DNS zone-location problem and steps you can take to solve it.A Bit About DNS Zones DNS zones can be stored in AD in three unique places based on how the DNS administrator wants zone information to be replicated throughout the AD environment.

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