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The Trump administration has asked the Supreme Court to immediately reinstate its ban on travelers from six mostly Muslim countries and refugees from anywhere in the world, saying the U. Officials with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) told FOX10 News that the current evidence surrounding 12-year-old Naomi Jones' disappearance is not enough to warrant an AMBER Alert at this time. ALDOT permanently closed the Water Street on-ramp to I-10 Thursday afternoon. As the murder investigation continues in Mississippi Mobile County Sheriff's investigators are working to help build a case against the last person seen with Bryan Jessie Parker before his death. In a follow up to a recent FOX10 News special report, "Testing the Bay," concerning pollution levels in Mobile Bay, we're learning the reason why there aren't any signs in major fishing areas advising locals about seafood advisories in effect. ALDOT says they hope to have permanent concrete barriers in place by the end of next week -- weather permitting.She was found inside of her vehicle and he has admitted to that shooting." More than a dozen of Sumpter's friends and relatives attended the hearing this morning, but didn't talk. Kimberly Gales said her son is innocent and that he was on Moffett Road at what she described as a girl's house at the time of the shooting.Kimberly Gales said, "I picked him up on Moffett at on Moffett Road. There's no way, I went down the Bay Road, that he could be back there."Wright didn't respond to the specifics of Gales statement, but said, "I feel comfortable that we have the right person." Wright also said a warrant had been out for Gales arrest on a possession of cocaine charge dating back to 2011.Many people are wondering why someone would start the alleged string on violence.On Sunday night in an exclusive interview with FOX10 News, the parents of one of the first victims spoke out for the first time about their daughter and Boyette’s possible motive.“This man murdered my daughter so bad, and shot her so bad, that we cannot have an open casket for her.Fleeing the scene, Dae-woong suffers a life-threatening fall and is only saved by the gumiho giving him her "fox bead" (여우 구슬).When Dae-woong awakes and meets a mysterious pretty girl, he initially treats her as eccentric or mentally ill, before finally understanding that she is a gumiho in human form.

Investigators believe he targeted her to steal her car.Cha Dae-woong (Lee Seung-gi) is a normal college student, with ambitions of becoming an action star.Until one day, he accidentally releases a gumiho (Shin Min-ah), a legendary fox with nine tails who was sealed inside a painting by Samshin Grandmother (三神).He is still on the run and considered to be armed and dangerous.According the to the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office, the reward for anyone with information has increased to ,000.

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