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When Mita’s mother died in the mid-1980s, the small family home went to Mita’s older sister. There are only two other women sifting through the adjacent fields. She slides her fingers through the dusty sand-like earth, expertly scanning with hands and eyes for good peanuts the machines have left behind. They can’t have discolored shells or they’re rotten. Estimates put illiteracy in the country at twenty-two percent between 20 (UNICEF 2009), or nine percent higher than thirty years ago (Fischer 2006, 57).After squatting in the city for several years, Mita was finally granted a subsidized mortgage from the municipality for a plot of land in Barrio los Heroes. She scans the line of eucalyptus trees to the east. Slowly, methodically, Mita shuffles down each row on hands and knees. A few dried branches, half buried, yield a dozen bulbous peanuts each. When the sun’s light is golden, Mita’s hair, clothes, and skin are swept with the earth’s dust. Wages, for those who earned them could not keep up with inflation, which hit eighteen percent in 2008 (Pérez Solís 2008, A1). What were some of your concerns before teaching abroad? I will be back to fluency with my Spanish and have many friends before my actual retirement date. Se also saw the dorms and were very ridy and clean.Breakfast is tasty - there is the choice between two meals.

The property has terraces overlooking a garden, plus a bar where guests can enjoy a drink.

If you have traveled abroad in the past, where have you been?

Yes, I traveled worldwide as a child with my family.

As old cultures were replaced with new, the past became buried and preserved in the ground.

Ongoing digs are slowly uncovering the rich history left over the centuries, telling the stories of civilizations long dead. The Ancient Footprints of Acahualinca are fossilized human tracks left in the mud some 2000 years ago. Subtiava was a peaceful place until the Spanish arrived in the 1500s and destroyed most of the structures.

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