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Al-Ammar, the women’s rights activist, said some 200 abortions were carried out at the clinic, though she did not provide the source for the data.The case of the trafficked Syrians went public after police raided the two hotels and freed the women. Joseph Msalem said several guards, both male and female, were detained but the two ringleaders remain at large.Since 1999 SDC has helped sexy couples connect and explore their erotic fantasies with our great features like Speed Dating, Travel Events, Swinger Parties (public and private), Voyeur Cam, Blogs, and much more.With over 3 million members worldwide, you will find exactly what you’re looking for with SDC! We want SDC members to be able to connect with each other wherever they wish, so we constantly upgrade our system to make that as easy as possible.With that come topics that some adults would prefer them to avoid."When teachers or leaders say we cannot cover a certain topic, we say OK, but if we get a question about it we will find a way to give the information," adds Elissa.Our swinger travel events showcase the hottest couples from around the world.

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The two fourth-year medical students are among the enthusiastic volunteers and relaxed youth workers plugging the sex education gap left by Lebanon's social and religious authorities.Subsequent attempts to reintroduce it to public schools have had little effect, with teachers complaining of a lack of training and the need for "administrative support in case parents complained".At present, sex education in Lebanese schools is scant.READ MORE: Comprehensive sex education is a human right Sex education was introduced for 12 to 14-year-olds in Lebanon in 1995, but was withdrawn in 2000 after criticism from a number of religious groups in the country.According to the book, Deconstructing Sexuality in the Middle East: Challenges and Discourses, one faction said the topics studied would "provoke [students] to perversion".

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