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Locality Information means location associated with phone number.The Court reversed and remanded a trial court’s dismissal of an indictment against defendant Mark Minnis for his failure to disclose a Facebook photograph after he was previously convicted of criminal sexual abuse. The Minnis Court, for example, referenced the defendant’s argument that juveniles have “continuing brain development,” and thus, potential for rehabilitation. Nevertheless, the limitations on free speech in sex offender cases may invite additional judicial or legislative review in future years. Background of the Case In 2010, Minnis was adjudicated a delinquent minor in Mc Lean County for his Class A misdemeanor criminal sexual abuse conviction and was sentenced to twelve months of probation, rendering him a “sex offender” under the Registration Act. In July 2015, the circuit court granted Minnis’ motion to dismiss the indictment; specifically ruling that the entire Registration Act’s Internet disclosure requirement was unconstitutional on its “face” and “as applied” to Minnis, and it was “based solely on the first amendment.” If Minnis “knowingly or wilfully” provided “false” information under the Registration Act (including incomplete information regarding his Facebook account), he can be found guilty of a Class 3 felony, which carries a sentence of up to five years imprisonment. Registration Act and Notification Law “The Registration Act and the Notification Law ‘operate in tandem, providing a comprehensive scheme for the registration of Illinois sex offenders and the dissemination of information about these offenders to the public.’” all e-mail addresses, instant messaging identities, chat room identities, and other Internet communications identities that the sex offender uses or plans to use, all Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) registered or used by the sex offender, all blogs and other Internet sites maintained by the sex offender or to which the sex offender has uploaded any content or posted any messages or information.

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Political, economic, and social growth of the young republic from 1789 through the War of 1812, with particular attention to the first American party system and the expansion of the frontier.

A study of the rapid economic, social and political changes that the United States experienced in this period of disruptive growth.

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