Gemini dating cancer

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Likely they love each other’s company while the sound of each other’s voice is this side of heaven.Gemini keeps things interesting while Cancer provides a serene anchor in a busy whirl of interests and activities.Another similarity between these two is is that their auras are every color of the rainbow because they are both so incredibly moody (the picture above is so perfect for this post).Cancer will dip from the deep blues of depression to their lavender-hued rosy pink laughter.Thanks to Gemini, there are always other people around which warms Cancers heart.How to Attract a Cancer Man as a Gemini Woman: It’s ok to be as flirtatious as you like. His conversation is not likely to be as witty or clever as you would like but give him a chance.The adolescent of the zodiac, that's what they call you, and adolescents live intensely, think that the world belongs to them, but they seldom reach depth of feelings...Well, it is somewhere in that depth that you can find the Cancer, who is a Water sign, highly sensitive and very warm, but not willing to accept as many waves as you create by your mere presence! You are comfortable when you wander outside the house, doing many things at the same time, and Cancer is well-known for his/her attachment to home and everything that is related to it.

Could it be the fact that you don't stay at home too much?After that they will whip out the camera and start snapping away.They both share a love of photography along with Leo and Pisces.Gemini will jump from her bright yellow cheer to her dark purple pit of despair.When their auras mix its like a bowl of Fruity Pebbles.

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