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I’m not defending his Tweets at all.” Not pleased with Abby’s sympathetic response, Gregg curtly queried, “Okay to make grammatical mistakes? She knows the ropes in both the studio and in politics, and, perhaps, you could learn a thing or two from her, i.e., the meaning of FNC’s famed “fair and balanced” ethic from her. Peters asserted that President Obama is doing nothing as “Iran is building this new Persian Empire across the Middle East…get[ting], at least, a hundred billion dollars from the Iran-nuke-give-away deal…still testing rockets that can hit Israel and go beyond Israel [and] they’re holding Americans hostage.” In conclusion, he declared, “Abby, the Persians, the Iranians are building the greatest Iranian empire in 2500 years on Obama’s watch. For FNC fill-in anchor Jarrett, who recently returned to Fox News after taking off for “serious personal issues,” his segment on Mc Henry’s suspension was an uncomfortable one for him and his viewers.

Approximately, two months ago, he accused Trump of being a liar: Today, he inanely assailed him as a poor grammarian.

Rupert Murdoch mandated that his 'news' outlets (including WSJ) not report negative stories about China, partly to assure the Chinese he can control what's released and partly to protect his own business interests.

(This is rather ironic, given how loudly conservatives scream about how much US federal debt is held by China.) When Israel bombed Lebanon's infrastructure rather than Hamas, again Rupert directed Fox to cover his assets.

Hopefully, Julie will share a few photos and added details with her Tweets soon about the happy occasion. Update: On June 2, Julie shared a photo of her and her darling son (via an RT’d of a Steve Karnacki Tweet.

Clayton Morris probably wishes that he had stuck to the script this morning.

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