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“Our original ‘Baggage’ series remains extremely popular and we are thrilled that the one and only Jerry Springer is back to guide us on this unpredictable tour as we uncover who has the most unexpected ‘baggage’ in your town.” BAGGAGE ON THE ROAD host Jerry Springer has become a cultural and civic icon.

It is also the first GSN property to be nationally syndicated. “With Baggage on the Road, GSN is taking production out of the big studio environment and bringing it directly to towns and cities across the U. Goodstein 15976 Douglas 'Wrong Way' Corrigan 03856 Douglas Adams 12223 Douglas Bader 17814 Douglas Coupland 03644 Douglas Engelbart 03780 Douglas Fairbanks 13132 Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. Ginsburg 09850 Douglas Haig 16475 Douglas Kenney 01880 Douglas Mac Arthur 11925 Douglas Rain 11658 Douglas Sirk 19293 Douglas Smith 25132 Douglas Walker 19776 Dougray Scott 25512 Doutzen Kroes 23428 Dov Charney 21991 Dove Girls 18754 Dover, Delaware 13220 Doves 18049 Dovima 09331 Down 18673 Doyle Brunson 05650 Dr. Fresh 10143 Doug Flutie 16106 Doug Gilmour 22664 Doug Harvey 10787 Doug Henning 21889 Doug Jarvis 19753 Doug Jones 27672 Doug Mac Lean 13583 Doug Mientkiewicz 25608 Doug Reinhardt 19979 Doug Robb 16746 Doug Savant 09140 Doug Stanhope 27808 Doug Stone 22480 Doug Supernaw 09900 Doug Tracht (Greaseman) 21266 Doug Weight 19271 Doug Wickenheiser 16732 Doug Williams 05806 Doug Wilson 03306 Doug Z. Finally, when just one contestant remains, it’s the dater’s turn to reveal his or her own baggage (adultery? Contestants range in age from their 20s to their 40s, with same-sex pairings getting the same consideration as straight contestants. Are you a practicing witch-but also a former cheerleader? Have you stalked your ex on Facebook-but do volunteer work with children?Can the dater see through the baggage to the human being inside?

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