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Face Recognition is an innovative technology that allows you to log into your laptop, and all your important cloud services and websites, using a single sign-on.Because Face Recognition logs you into your websites using your most personal feature—your face— there’s no need to recall dozens of user names and passwords.International users are welcome but we ask you keep the discussions in english.We are mobile friendly and fully compatible with all devices.All businesses need uninterrupted productivity, and that includes security products and solutions they can trust to keep business data safe and secure.However, that can be a challenge for smaller businesses that don’t often have the resources of large corporations.

In 2012, half of all targeted attacks were directed at businesses with less than 2,500 employees, while the largest growth area for targeted attacks were businesses with less than 250 employees – the latter accounted for 31 percent of all attacks.I also think the group meetings are working to bring everyone together and establish a sense of community.” Annemarie: “Yes, the Core Net Mentorship program has exceeded my expectations.Not only am I learning from my mentor Tracy Kelliher, we have become friends, too.” Stephen: “I think this is a question to be better asked of the mentee.It will then recapture your picture, and log you on.Once the software builds a complete portfolio, it will no longer ask for re-enrollment.

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