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But in the final painting, as we know from 16th century copies done within Henry’s lifetime, Holbein has Henry looking straight ahead, confronting the spectator with an unblinking stare that is still symbolic of masculinity today. Portraits from the early years of his reign show a young man that bears little resemblance to the powerful giant, and some visitors to the court remarked that his good looks—which of course were constantly commented on—were somewhat feminine.

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Intersex is the going phrase I believe, but it sounds like they adjusted the wording to be safe. Turns out that hermaphrodite is kind of an offensive term now, for humans at least. Non-Binary is a better term but may also be confusing to some. Corellon is both male and female, according to elven legend, going back to 1e Deities & Demigods - this wasn't Gygax seeking LGBT brownie points.The engagement was broken up because she reportedly committed infidelities on Parker during their engagement. The character of Liane Cartman is one of the characters (another was the horse Liane from Parker's Cannibal!The Musical) Parker created as a bitter "tribute" to her.the one where Corellon Larethian is referenced as both " androgynous and/or hermaphroditic"...I was sort of surprised when one of the players found no mention of him being hermaphroditic on their PHB.

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