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In which case you should really just use a different name...If there are other downsides, I don't know what they are.In early 2010, Vincent Driessen wrote an article called “A successful Git branching model” which recommended an approach called git-flow to use git branches in your development cycle.The idea was to standardise branching and merging when developing features, handling releases and managing hot fixes, in order to be consistent and gain the advantages of git’s ‘branchy’ development model.Using many separate branches in Git gives you lots of flexibility, but it can get complex.Adopting a standardised approach has many advantages: Source Tree helps you utilise these branches via git-flow actions which we will describe below.

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So if you haven’t set up git-flow on this repo yet, it’ll help you do that by default.

This is handy when you are working on several different things at the same time — such as two different feature branches.

Tags also add new names to existing changesets, but unlike tags, bookmarks are mutable and transient: you can move, rename, or delete them and they are not stored in history.

You can always get to all the other git-flow actions via this button as well, but most of the time the default option will be the action you’ll want Source Tree to perform.

If you haven’t used git-flow already on this repository, the first thing Source Tree will do is initialise your repository to use it.

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