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This was a very great experiance since the moment i checked into the hotel. Thank you OCC for making my dream come true and helping me to regain my life back and become the person I always thought I could be! I could not have made a better choice for my surgery. All the staff at OCC are very professional, kind and helpful. The facilities are beautiful and clean, rooms are fully equipped with everything you want to be comfortable. The attention to detail that the entire staff displays is very impressive.

The staff at the hospital were friendly and very attentive and knowledgrable. Ortiz was very helpful at explaining any questions i may have had. Were to start, I'more than happy with everyone's treatment The Dr's, nurses and the rest of the staff have been owsome! I thought I would be afraid in Tijuanna, but not the case it was just like a hospital in the states. I have never done anything like this and never thought I would but it was a totally amazing experience. I would highly reccomend the OCC and so happy with my decision! They cared for me and did it in a manner that made me feel like i was the only patient. I highly reccomend to anyone looking to make this life change that they chose this facility. Ortiz was so knowlegable and made me feel safe and well taken care of.

There wasn’t just one of those chairs – they were interspersed among the waiting room. Is this a sign that our hospitals are being more accomodating of us in general, or is it a sign that even hospitals have kind of “given up” on fighting the trend of our country’s growing girth?It wasn’t a good feeling to see those chairs and think that parts of our society may be giving up and just accepting obesity as part of life.I know there is a difference between accommodating and giving up!Car Seats for Special Needs are specifically designed for children with special needs such as cerebral palsy, autism, or spinal cord complications or for those who require adaptive car seats or seat restraints for continued safety in cars or buses. The clinic is extremly clean and very accommodating. I would highly recommend the OCC to anyone that is interested in bariatric surgery. The clinic is very clean i didnt expect to find 6 other Candians 4 that just had there surgery's an two. My surgery went well my best friend sat with me an we talked to both surgions they were very very friendly. 's we both asked of them an they were very open an shared a little personal part of there lives skills an expections. They were in very little no no pain an they also said they would recomend that surgery. i can not possibly say enough good things about my experience at the OCC.

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