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To get around this absolute prohibition on changes, you can add an internal Boolean flag to the calendar, and permit changes when that flag is set to True: The calendar still disallows user changes, but now correctly reflects changes made in the date by changing the date properties.Now that you have a true read-only calendar control, you are ready to add the data browsing ability. Curr Text: Trx Text Attributes; begin if Rich Edit1. Down:= True; end; finally FUpdating:= False; end; end; function Tfrx Rich Editor Form.'; s Over Write = ' OK to overwrite %s'; s Untitled = ' Untitled'; s Modified = ' Modified'; s Col Row Info = ' Line: = Col: ='; const Ruler Adj = 4/3; Gutter Wid = 6; ENGLISH = (SUBLANG_ENGLISH_US shl 10) or LANG_ENGLISH; FRENCH = (SUBLANG_FRENCH shl 10) or LANG_FRENCH; GERMAN = (SUBLANG_GERMAN shl 10) or LANG_GERMAN; procedure TMain Form.

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Free; for I := 0 to 16 do begin Item := New Item(Color Name(Color Values[I]), sc None, False, True, Color Item Click, 0, ''); Item. Tag := Color Values[I]; Add(Item); end; end; with Background Menu. Free; for I := 0 to 16 do begin Item := New Item(Color Name(Back Values[I]), sc None, False, True, Background Item Click, 0, ''); Item. Tag := Back Values[I]; Add(Item); end; end; FClipboard Monitor := TClipboard Monitor.

Thanks, I got that component and it seems to be getting me close. Save To Stream(MStream); // Not sure how to tell TMemory Stream to overwrite file if File Exists(Edit File Name.

I just can't figure out how to read a file into it. I can send a windows message WM_PASTE to paste from the clipboard. Now can read, edit and write an rtf file with graphics. Free; end; // To Write var MStream : TMemory Stream; begin MStream := TMemory Stream.

Selection Change(Sender: TObject); begin with Editor.

Focus Editor; begin with Editor do if Can Focus then Set Focus; end; procedure TMain Form. Left := Indent To Ruler(First Indent, False) - (First Ind. Left := Indent To Ruler(Left Indent First Indent, False) - (Left Ind. Left := Indent To Ruler(Right Indent, True) - (Right Ind.

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