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On this day in 1971, Koko the sign-language gorilla was born.The day also commemorates the United States of America’s Declaration of Independence from the United Kingdom on 4 July 1776.And even accidental football fans (me) are tuning in to see the Belgian players’ hairstyles (alarming), cheer on the underdog (go Iceland!

Soon, news of the “talking gorilla” was making worldwide headlines. She was a living challenge to the conventional stereotype that gorillas were slow, stupid apes ambling through the forests.

So, as a service to The Gorilla Foundation, and maybe also as a job application, here are my (free!

) suggestions for how to improve Koko's social presence: It's nothing too crazy, to be honest.

On 12 April 1998, in the early days of home broadband, America Online hosted an online chat with Koko, and she impressed her virtual audience by asking Patterson for a sweet with the words, “lips fake candy give me.” In order to encourage Koko to mate, she was shown video of various male Western Gorillas, and this gorilla video dating initiative led to her taking a lover called Ndume.

Although the two are yet to mate, there are still hopes that one day they will, and that she will then teach signing to her offspring.

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