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”But things got interesting when Andy asked which of her MTV castmates she regrets dating. “I would say Justin [Bobby], but I never really dated him.

The series finale garnered media attention after it depicted the final scene being filmed in a studio backlot, responding to longtime speculation that the series was scripted.

From on-and-off screen romances to rocky friendships, Patridge was not shy about spilling secrets with us, including her infamous relationship with Justin Brescia (aka "Justin Bobby.") According to Patridge, who says she wore her heart on her sleeve "most of the time," the two were seeing each other before the show began production.

"We were dating, and then he filmed with me [the] first season that never aired," she explained. He came to my very first apartment -- I think it was before I even met Heidi [Montag] and Lauren [Conrad], really -- and we filmed doing my hair or something." "And then we didn't really talk until third season, we started hanging out again and he was kind of entertaining the idea of filming," she continued.

Now, Justin Bobby is one of the most memorable characters in reality TV history, but I do selfishly hope that most of his douchiness was the way he actually is.

If I found out that producers were giving him instructions on how to be a greasy-haired, reticent asshole on a bike…

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