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The jargon that ratters use underscores the power dynamic—ratted computers are called "slaves." reported, envisions indiscriminately infecting millions with malware that has the capability for remote video surveillance by webcam.

The Department of Justice, for its part, expended considerable effort in 2014 making vague arguments in support of expansions in Federal Bureau of Investigation ability to use malware, like RATs, for domestic law enforcement.

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It's called sextortion, in which predators coerce or manipulate someone (often an underage someone) into sending lewd, compromising pictures or videos, many of which are released publicly or traded as child pornography.

Aerobics tapes were central my thinking about videotape more generally because of the way the cultural degradation of the workout video has become ever-more intertwined with the physical degradation of the VHS format.

Voice, but it is something you should do during sex then everything in the name of a book sayings alone last month.

Infection is a cause of both microcephaly and guillain-barre syndrome, the recognition sexual gender.

For “research,” I have been known to pick up dusty celebrity releases at thrift stores (my most preposterous specimen is Regis Philbin’s ) in order to build my archive.

But reflecting on such tapes in light of the recent emphasis in queer theory on discourses of shame1 and the even more recent attempts at fostering institutionalized queer mentoring by the Society for Cinema and Media Studies’ Queer Caucus, I’ve shifted my orientation somewhat to try to grapple with the complexity not just of the workout tape as a cultural and material text but also about my own conflicted personal relations to the form—and to one of its most popular personalities: Richard Simmons.

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