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All laws except California and Utah use the Producer Responsibility approach, where the manufacturers must pay for recycling. Compares results between states, by converting to pounds per person basis. Lessons-Learned-from-State-E-waste-laws What have we learned from the 25 states that have passed e-waste laws? This chart compares all the state e-waste laws against basic criteria.With so many options for recovering and reusing recycled materials, and with landfill space steadily shrinking, the State of Vermont has determined that the best tool for keeping as much as possible out of the waste stream is a materials management system, where valuable resources that we are currently burying in landfills are instead collected and marketed as commodities.

Trees don’t just provide paper, they provide oxygen, shelter for wildlife and let’s not to forget the natural beauty they add to the state.Recyclables are now prohibited from both residential and business garbage.In 2012, the Vermont Legislature unanimously passed Act 148, a universal recycling and composting law that offers Vermonters a new set of systems and tools for keeping as much as possible out of the landfill.I feel that recycling in the state of Pennsylvania should be made mandatory.Recycling benefits our state by providing jobs and decreasing pollution.

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