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The World Happiness Report is a landmark survey of the state of global happiness.

The World Happiness Report 2017, which ranks 155 countries by their happiness levels, will be released today at the United Nations at an event celebrating International Day of Happiness.

They were found to be happiest with their friends, followed by family members, and least happy if they were alone (Larson, Mannell, & Zuzanek, 1986).

Another study constructed a scale of cooperativeness, i.e.

A study on the quality of relationships found that to avoid loneliness, people needed only one close relationship coupled with a network of other relationships.

To form a close relationship required a growing amount of "self-disclosure," or a willingness to reveal ones personal issues and feelings, and without it people with friends would still be lonely (Jackson, Soderlind & Weiss, 2000, Horesh, Apter, 2006).

So even if the economy is growing like gangbusters (say, China), which implies more jobs and more wealth, there may be a lot of other things going on that aren’t so rosy, like pollution, deforestation, and corruption (again, China).And even if economic growth is creating more wealth, GDP also doesn’t tell you who in society is getting the lion’s share.Because GDP measures an average of per capita output, it doesn’t reflect changes in specific segments of a population.Customer satisfaction surveys are a simple, commonly-used survey sent to customers shortly after an interaction with a company is complete, such as after a customer has contacted customer support.This type of survey is a great way to close the loop on a customer interaction and make sure that you’ve met their expectations.

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