Nagasawa dating

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is an original Japanese romantic comedy anime television series directed by Tomoki Kobayashi at Studio Gokumi and AXsi Z. The series is structured like an anthology series, with every four episodes taking place in an individualized continuity in which protagonist Shōichi Kamita ends up with a different girl, yet featuring all of the same characters.

Shōichi Kamita is a second-year high school student who is worried about university exams and his future.

The class idol of class 2-B at Kibito High School and the runner-up of last year's "Miss Santa Contest".

Described as a "modern day meddling princess", she is always cheerful and loves to eat, and is occasionally stubborn.

The first set of movie posters released last month were of the three main characters – Oguri Shun as the silver haired samurai Sataka Gintoki, Suda Masaki as his colleague Shimura Shinpachi, and Hashimoto Kanna as the red haired girl friday Kagura.

Goriki Ayame (20) will star in Fuji TV‘s Monday night drama series this winter, titled “Biblia Koshodou no Jiken Techou.” This will be her first lead role during golden time, not to mention a “Getsu 9...

A childhood friend of Shōichi and a first year student in Kibito High School.

She is an honors student with high grades and loves to read Shōjo manga.

In 2007 he has already adapted the play for the Japanese audience with Yasuko Matsuyuki as Sally.

The new version is rumoured to be a completely different approach.

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