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A 2003 survey “found that two thirds of Dutch fifteen to seventeen-year-olds with steady boy- or girlfriends are allowed to spend the night with them in their bedrooms, and that boys and girls are equally likely to get permission for a sleepover.” Schalet writes: Dutch parents, by contrast, downplay the dangerous and difficult sides of teenage sexuality, tending to normalize it.They speak of readiness (er aan toe zijn), a process of becoming physically and emotionally ready for sex that they believe young people can self-regulate, provided they’ve been encouraged to pace themselves and prepare adequately.In November 2013, voters within the Town of Nederland and outlying areas approved formation of a Public Improvement District (PID) with the intention to provide an Eco Pass for all permanent residents in the district and, if funding permitted, to create transportation related amenities.Starting in 2014, this program created an additional 1.85 property tax mill levy to fund the district for a period of 10 years.

The Committee shall advise the BOCC and the Transportation Department on issues pertinent to the implementation of the public improvements serving the District.

They permit sleepovers, even if that requires an “adjustment” period to overcome their feelings of discomfort, because they feel obliged to stay connected and accepting as sex becomes part of their children’s lives.

More generally, the country’s “moral rules cast sexuality as a part of life that should be governed by self-determination, mutual respect, frank conversation, and the prevention of unintended consequence.” It’s no coincidence that the country has also secured easy access (for both teens and adults) to contraceptives and other sexual healthcare. “In 2007, births to American teens (ages fifteen to nineteen) were eight times as high as in the Netherlands,” reports Schalet, and the Netherlands generally whoops on the states in terms of STD rates, too.

Officials said the teen was "bragging to other students" about the encounter, prompting school district officials to alert authorities.

In court on Wednesday, Taylor said that because there was little physical evidence that Dufresne and the teen had sex in Jefferson Parish, the case rested on the credibility of the student, who is now 19, according to ."I am left with the inconsistent and factually inaccurate statements of a person who I now understand does not want to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth," she said, according to the publication.

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